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Do you suffer from Why Syndrome? Well, come, let’s find out……

Every now and then I always keep wondering why all humans got choked in why syndrome? No matter, what generation they come from, I see people from all ages raising questions. Why is he doing this, If I am not? What’s need for this? Why he didn’t discuss with me? Why is he behaving like this? People always have question/suggestion for others, but none for them which brings me back to the issuepeople were discussing few years ago that stop being judgmental.

From my experience, I can say that it’s not about being of scathing nature rather it’s people’s reluctance to embrace the change and more importantly we humans do not easily accept the person as he/she is unless or until it is enforced upon. There is a big contrast between being a real person and being truthful to their near ones. A person can only be real in case we have acceptance for the real thing. Individuality of each one of us should be respected and cherished otherwise same faces, same thinking or even the same approach would make world a boring place.

I think a simple suffix of not if applied after your why can do the wonders for you or your closed ones. Let’s say why not if she can do this work? Why not we try something now? Why not if we give chance to our younger counterparts? This simple approach of why-not over why can bring so much change in your personal as well as professional lives and moreover, we must understand that why? Is a limiting question and why not? Is a liberating one. When it comes to good things, we always think why not me? And when it comes to not so good things we think why me? This simple phenomenon if we can apply to others as well, it may help bring lot of positive change in your surroundings.

Life can take all of us for a beautiful ride when we ask ourselves “why not?” instead of “why” Don’t deny yourself or your loved ones the adventure, experience, and confidence that results from the switch,From “why?” To “why not?”


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