Mr. Jackson

International Day of Yoga

I would like to throw light on the real meaning of Yoga and its benefits. Yoga is misconceived as twisting and bending of different body parts. Yoga is actually a way of living; it is like experiencing a completely different dimension of a human mind and body. With yoga not only body become flexible but our mind and emotions and above all consciousness become flexible. Practicing yoga, makes one closely feel an alliance between body and mind. It brings an equilibrium between mind and body likewise it has great benefits in all aspects of life, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Practicing it, helps in settling down everything within and around an individual, so calmly and peacefully that ultimately leads to realization of achieving the tranquillity without even making any hassle. We definitely need to adopt it as a lifestyle, because we are the one who live in our body, we carry it along where ever we are going so it is our responsibility to take care of it. On this international day of Yoga, I wish everyone Happy International Yoga Day. Let’s pledge to make it habit and our lifestyle. It will definitely help in living a life in better way for an instance and stimulates the positive energy lies within ourself and helps us to travel smoothly on a spiritual ride in long-term.

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