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What is Internet?

Internet can be called the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. Internet started as a small project which served as a way to interconnect the commuter used in military and educational institution known as ARPANET. Started as a small project, turned out to be a giant leap for mankind, and it took the world into amazement. Within 10 years of its initial release, millions of computers got connected, and the internet turned out to a great place for doing business, academics and social networking. The world converged into a global village, where anybody found any part of the world, can get connected with the rest of the world. The internet can be treated as an ocean of knowledge, having facts and information about anything the human can imagine.

The companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are constantly scanning the web every single minute, to create a catalog of all the information that is being added to the world each day. To search the information for this ocean of knowledge, these have provided us with helpers call search engines, whose sole job is to scan this ocean and find out the information that is being asked for. These search engines run over special software called web browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, which allow the user to search anything they want. Today, these search engines can run on a variety of devices like conventional computers to handheld devices such as mobiles, watches, etc.

Today, we can search the internet from anywhere we want, ranging from laptops to our smartphones. The companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have provided us with a personal assistant similar to Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri, which like our companion do the job for us. Web browsing today has been changed from educational purposes to recreational purposes.

The social sites like Facebook, Twitter allow us to search for new friends and interact with them. The web browsing has also been used in the professional fields like the Job Seekers, Professionals can find the institutions and companies where they can exhibit their talent and the Multinationals can find great minds who can become a part of them and help in the growth of the organization. The student now can get connected with other students in the world and share their knowledge and culture and can take counseling from the great minds present in the top institutions and universities of the world.

The tourist traveling in other countries have no longer need to know the native languages of the countries in which they are traveling, they can use the Google Map in any language they want and can enjoy their stay in the unknown country.

The patients can search about the diseases and know about the diagnosis and remedy for the common disease, without waiting for the counseling from the doctors.

As we know, every good thing has bad aspects as well. The Internet browsing has its adverse effects as well. The Adult Dating site, Pornography and Cyber Bullying are some of the adverse effects of the internet browsing. Too much use of the social networking site at the workplace can also hamper the productivity in the firm. Some of the employees spend half of the day browsing the social sites like Facebook and chatting with friends or browsing the Adult Sites in the workplace. The small children are badly affected by this. The grownups need to have moral values, and should have to decide what is right and wrong and should have to use their mind before typing what they want to search. If we all keep these small things in mind, then the internet would continue to be a boon and help in the growth of mankind.

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