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What is Product-led Growth (PLG)

Product-led growth is a modern SaaS go-to-market strategy that puts your product front and center as the growth tool. Everybody in a product-led organization is hyper-focused on the product and how it can help acquire, retain and expand revenue for existing customers.

One of the typical aspects of product-led growth is to allow end-users to touch and experience your product as part of the sales process e.g. via a freemium, free trial, or something similar. This allows them to try-before-they-buy and experience the value of your product firsthand. Thereby they are less likely to be disappointed with the purchase when they do buy your product.

Why Should I Consider Implementing product-led Growth for My SaaS Business?

While a product-led model might not be right for all companies, there are clear benefits for most SaaS businesses.

Four of the key benefits seen in the industry are:

Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

By having a lower-touch product-led model for sales and onboarding, you are reducing the need for expensive personnel, and you can focus your employees on higher-value activities.

Empower the End-user

The modern user wants to self-serve. By adding a demo or a meeting you are not empowering them to do so. In a product-led model with e.g. freemium or free trials, the end-user can try your product and make a better evaluation of it and how it will work for them and their business, resulting in better retention in the long run.

Get a Better Product

Product value, product data analysis, and a focus on customer user onboarding are key aspects of a product-led model and by having your entire company focused on building a streamlined product experience, you get focused on delivering value inside your product with a strong UX resulting in the best possible product for the end-user.

Will Product-led Growth Replace My Sales and Customer Success Functions?

Product-led growth will empower your sales and customer success teams to work more efficiently and potentially focus on higher-value activities and customers. For example, one can have a pure self-service sales and customer success model for your smallest customers, and then allocate the high-touch staff to support larger enterprises. But even for the larger enterprises, product-led companies should think about how they can better allow them to self-serve in the product.


Product-led growth (PLG) represents a transformative approach for modern SaaS companies, centering the product as the primary driver of customer acquisition, retention, and expansion. This strategy emphasizes the importance of allowing end-users to interact with and experience the product directly through methods such as freemium models and free trials. By enabling a hands-on approach, customers can make informed decisions, leading to higher satisfaction and reduced disappointment post-purchase.

Overall, adopting a product-led growth model can lead to a more robust, user-centered product and a more efficient operational strategy, driving sustainable growth and success for SaaS businesses.

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