Mr. Jackson

Black and white

Black and white the truly decisive and important colors of life, but if we keep on painting our lives either black or white then we are going to miss the intermediary colors for life that can take our lives to another level of happiness and joy. Besides categorizing life happy or sad we can take our valuable life to different steps of joy. God has given us the gift of life; now it is up to us give ourselves the gift of living well.

Life from the very beginning is full of colors. When we come to life the word becomes magical, especially for the parents. It is neither black nor white; it’s simply in between. The very first step, first word, first hug, first day of school and everything makes our life so beautiful.

As we grow to love and relationships swipe in and life at that moment becomes even more happening adding more colors to our lives. Love is such a blessed feeling that can’t be ignored. Sudden break of emotions overflow giving a different perspective to everything in life. True love helps in evolving a better life and growing close to the world! You simply have to understand and respect your partner’s feelings and support them in making the right decision. This is the strongest bond one can build on their own.

So set a motto-do your best and enjoy every color of life!!!

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