Mr. Jackson

Artificial Intelligence and Jobs: a Threat or an Opportunity?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most disruptive and transformative technologies of our time. It has the potential to improve…

Being Important is Good, but Being Good is Equally Important!

For a long time, being good has been confused with being bad. In fact, kindness is an essential quality of leadership for the world in which we live.

On This International Day of Yoga

I would like to throw light on the real meaning of Yoga and its benefits. Yoga is misconceived as twisting and bending of different.

Uncovering the Scepticism About Native and Hybrid Application

An easy approachability towards the internet and smartphones has driven individuals to increasingly depend upon mobile applications for their day by day needs.

What is Devops and Why Devops Really Matters?

DevOps as the name implies, is a combination of software development and IT operations.

NoSQL Databases – a Replacement of SQL?

A genuine and considerable question that comes in our mind when we hear about NoSQL databases is “Would it put back our all-time favourite SQL databases?”

Chatbot: to Grow Your Business Online

Organizations continuously need to advance and adopt more up to date patterns to succeed.

On a Journey to Inner Self

A Journey to inner self may not be understood by few, but it will make sense to those who are really seeking for the same. Let me take you all on this beautiful journey! When we talk about the..

Do You Suffer From Why Syndrome? Well, Come, Let’s Find Out

Every now and then I always keep wondering why all humans got choked in why syndrome? No matter, what generation, they come from, I see people from all ages raising…

Cease the Tales

Here and there the mind tends to make up tales about an individual or circumstance that has no base in reality at all ever encountered that? At times the brain rushes to hop into ends…